Do you think he has another girl in his life?

August 24, 2008

Ok I haven’t talked to my boyfriend for about three weeks, then yesterday he called me like its nothing and said that his parents took away his phone because he went over his texting because his cousin been using his phone to text his ‘girlfriend’, thats what i don’t get. Mind you he doesn’t even have a texting plan and he always tells me he can’t text me because of that, so i don’t understand ..if he knows he doesn’t have texting why would he let his cousin use it to text his girl i don’t get it.He doesn’t even say he missed me or anything, Plus on top of that we don’t even see each other the last time i seen him was around june 20th and now its august, and we only talk on the phone once in a while because he says he’s always busy with basketball practice and stuff, I talk to his friend more than him and thats like 3 times in a week on aim.I tell him that this bothers me and he doesn’t even try to make any effert i want to break up with him but i don’t know what to do.Do you think he found someone else and should i just end this ‘relationship’? HELP?


Hello world!

August 24, 2008

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